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WooCommerce is fast becoming the most popular e-commerce software on the web. We’ve started getting into it in a big way, offering training days and where you can learn more about it. To help those we can’t train face to face, we decided to put together a bumper resource.

1.- Don’t want products from a particular category to show on the shop page?


Hide products that are packages or subscription which belong to a page or has its own page by adding this into your functions.php.

2.- Change the number of related products displayed in your shop

Customise the number of rows and the number of products in each row with this little snippet. Change the number of related products displayed within your WooCommerce Shop by adding the following code to the end of your functions.php (Important: “?>” should be the last bit of code within functions.php)

3.- Hide the product count next to the category name – e.g. MyCategory(25)

Add the code into custom.css.

4.- Automatically mark orders as ‘complete’

By default, virtual-downloadable orders are marked as ‘completed’ after successful payment, but if you want to be able to automatically mark a virtual order as complete upon payment (for instance in the case of a site which takes donations where no further action is required) you can use the following code in your functions.php.

5.- Customise ‘add to cart’ text on single product pages

Add the following to your functions.php file replacing ‘my button text’ with whatever you want it to say.

6.- Change the ‘add to cart’ text on product archives

Add bellow code in your functions.php file.

7.- Hide the coupon form on the cart or checkout page to encourage a streamlined order process

Use this snippet to simply disable the form on the cart/checkout pages, but leave coupon use enabled otherwise.

8.- Change the Home link to a different URL

Add this in your theme/child themes functions.php file replacing the web address with the URL of your choice.

9.- Want to customise the currency or symbol?

Copy and paste this code in your theme functions.php file and swap out the currency code and symbol with your own.

10.- Customise a URL to direct customers to from ‘add to cart’

Set a custom add to cart URL to redirect to by adding the following code to the file functions.php.

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