The Simplify Commerce gateway lets you to take credit card payments directly on your store.


To function, Simplify Commerce requires a few items:

  1. A server with CURL support (to communicate with the API)
  2. PHP 5.3+ (a requirement of the SDK used)
  3. WooCommerce 2.0+
  4. SSL/HTTPS setup to keep customer data safe


To start, you’ll need to apply for an account with Simplify Commerce. There is a link for this within the settings page. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > Simplify Commerce. The first thing you’ll see is a box prompting you to sign up. Select Sign up for Simplify Commerce to get started. Approval or denial happens nearly instantly.


  • Enable Simplify Commerce – Check this box to enable the gateway and make it available to your customers.
  • Title – This is what your customer will see when selecting the gateway they want to use when checking out.
  • Description – Used alongside the title to include more information about this gateway.
  • Payment Mode – Two options on how you want the card form to appear.
    • Standard – The card field appears on the checkout page
    • Hosted Payments – Hosted Payments must be enabled in your API Keys settings.
      • With SSL: A modal dialog will appear on your checkout page.
      • Without SSL: Customers are redirected to Simplify Commerce’s secure site to pay.
  • Modal Color – Only available with Hosted Payments selected above in Payment Mode.
  • Sandbox – Enabling sandbox mode will allow you to test orders using the test credit card numbers found here: Simplify – Test order credit card numbers. Sandbox mode does not require an SSL certificate. Be sure Sandbox mode is disabled on a live site, also so you can enter your Public & Private Keys.
  • Public Key – This is your live key found on your API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
  • Private Key – This is your live key found on your API Keys section for live payments. SSL is needed.
  • Sandbox Public Key – Must have Sandbox enabled to use this field.
  • Sandbox Private Key – Must have Sandbox enabled to use this field.