How to create bootstrap alert messages

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Hi friends, hope you are doing good. This is quick tutorial which demonstrate how to create bootstrap alert messages. Alert message plays very important role in web development.

When you start developing a web applications or websites, then it is necessary to add alert messages to notify the website’s visitor or users for success or error messages.

Now days most of websites are developing using twitter bootstrap framework. In today tutorial i will explain how to create bootstrap alert messages and use in our web application/websites.

What is alert messages

Alert messages are a simple messages which demonstrate the success or error notification of any operatins or web events. You can desgin your alert messages as you want. Bellow is the some example to create alert messages.

You can create three types of alert messages:

1) Simple alert message

2) Dismissible alert message

3) Linkable alert message

1) Simple alert message

Below is the simple bootstrap alert messages. Copy below div and use in your applications/websites as per your requirement. There are four types of alert messages Success, infomation, warning and danger.


2) Dismissible alert message

Below is the dismissible alert messages. Copy and use it in your applications.


3) Linkable alert message


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