Create a Simple Contact Form Using Angularjs and PHP

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Hi, folks hope doing well, today I am going to explain a very useful tutorial with you. In today’s tutorial, we are going to create a simple contact form using angularJS and PHP. The contact form is a standard web page which is available on every website. It allows site’s visitors to contact with site …

Angularjs Global API With Example

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angularjs-global api

This is a very quick tutorial which demonstrates the Angularjs Global API With Example. The global functions are accessible via the angular object. Below is the list of some common global javascript functions for performing tasks: 1) Comparing objects 2) Iterating objects 3) Converting data Angularjs Global API With Example Below are some common global …

How to create angularjs form

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I have specially shared this tutorial for whom who want to start his/her career with angularjs OR just started with angularjs. This tutorial will help your know how to create angularjs form. This is very simple & easy tutorial to help angularjs beginners. Before start, I assume you have basic knowledge of JavaScript programming language. …

Free Angular Frontend Templates

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In this tutorial i have listed 5 free and 100% responsive angular starter template for front-end websites. You can see the live demo of templates before download. 1) HTML AngularJS Template HTML AngularJS Template is a angularjs & HTML5 based front-end template, which is robust and adaptable web application. Demo Download 2) Basic AngularJS Template …

How to define angularjs controller with example

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In today’s tutorials i will explain how to define angularjs controllers. This tutorial will help you to create the controllers in your angularjs applications. What is controller in AngularJS? Angularjs controllers are regular JavaScript objects which control the data in your angularjs applications. ng-controller directive defines in your application controller. Below is the example of …

Best 5 free angularJS admin templates for Download 2017

| Last Updated: | In: Angular JS, Freebies


Angularjs is the best choice to develop a new age web application. Today I will share the best 5 free responsive angularJS admin templates. If you are going to develop a new web application in angular js, then keep close attention in this post. If you have just started with angular js, you should first …

How to validate a form using angularjs

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Now days angularjs is the good front-end framework. In this post i will explain how to validate a form using angularjs. Lets create a sinple form and validate using angularjs. Angularjs form validation Angular js text box validation using $touched and used ng-show directive to only show the error message. Include angularjs file within head …

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