How to Create And Use Phar Archive

| Last Updated: | In: Core php, php7

php phar tutrial

In this tutorial, I will explain how to create and use a Phar archive file in PHP your application. Phar archives are similar as JAR archives in JAVA. It is tailored to the flexibility of PHP applications. The Phar archive is used to create a library from a bundle of PHP codes and it is …

How to Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway in php

| Last Updated: | In: Core php, Payment Gateway

Stripe payment gateway

I got some request from my blog readers about “How to Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway in php”, so that I have created stripe payment gateway script with live checkout demo and also put this code to download for my website subscribers. I have created this demo stripe payment gateway script using bootstrap for payment process. …

How to Integrate CyberSource Payment Gateway in PHP

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In today’s, tutorial I will explain how to integrate the CyberSource payment gateway in your PHP application. I have created a simple soap API to charge Credit Card from the payment gateway and it will return the success or failure messages as a return from the gateway. What is cybersource? Cybersource is a global payment …

How to create restclient using php

| Last Updated: | In: Core php

Hello folks, hope you are doing good. In one of my recent project, I get a chance to create RESTClient a debugger for RESTful web services using PHP. In today’s tutorial, I will share very useful things with you. After this tutorial, you will able to create a restCliient using PHP. PHP Rest Client Example …

Start using PDO instead of PHP MySQL extension

| Last Updated: | In: Core php, Mysql

Hi Friends, Thanks for be with Freewebmentor. Freewebmentor wishes you Happy New Year 2017. This is the my first post in 2017. Today i am going to share very useful thing. If you are a PHP Developer OR your websites/web applications are running on PHP, then keep close attention in this post. Recently PHP have …

How to create simple login page using angularjs, PHP and MySql

| Last Updated: | In: angular js, Core php

angular 2 logo

In today’s I will explain a very useful tutorial which will help all AngularJS beginner and just started with angularJS, then you should keep close attention in this post. This is a very basic tutorial which helps you to create a simple login page using angular js, PHP, and MySQL. AngularJS is a Javascript based …

Distance calculation using Google map api

| Last Updated: | In: Core php, Freebies, Google

Hi friends, hope you are doing well. In today’s post i am going to share very useful API. After this post you will be know how to calculate distance between origin and destination using google map api in php. This PHP scripts will get the distance and time estimation using google map API. Below is …

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