How to Fix Common WordPress Errors

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Below is the list of some issues which occur on your WordPress website. I have compiled a list of solutions to fix the WordPress common errors in very simple and easy steps. In this tutorial, I have shared the tips, How to Fix Common WordPress Errors. How To Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out How to …

Top Useful WooCommerce Code Snippets

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Below is the list of some super useful WooCommerce code snippets, which help you while customizing the WooCommerce store. This is the list of some extremely useful snippets. These are the simple action and filters of WooCommerce to change the default functionalities of WooCommerce store. Top Useful WooCommerce Code Snippets See the below lists of …

How to Create MU (Must Use) WordPress Plugin

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WordPress mu-plugins

Sometimes we need to create a MU plugin (Must Use) WordPress plugin in your WordPress based project. In this tutorial, I will explain How to Create MU (Must Use) WordPress Plugin. What is WordPress MU (Must USe) Plugin WordPress MU Plugin is also known as Must-Use plugins, which are installed in a special directory inside …

Simple Htaccess Editor For WordPress Website

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Are you using the WordPress site? If yes then here I am going to share a WordPress plugins which will let you know how to edit the .htaccess file by using the WordPress admin dashboard after login in WordPress admin area. WP Htaccess Editor is a simple htaccess editor for WordPress website. Try it Yourself …

How to Switch From Blogger to WordPress Platform

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Many of blogger first start his blogging career from google blogger platform. Google blogger is free for forever so that you can create any type of blog using google blogger. After getting the lots of traffic, they want how to switch from blogger to WordPress platform. WordPress is the best platform for blogging and it …

5 Things Must To Do After Creating A WordPress Blog

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This tutorial is specially designed for the WordPress beginners, who have just started with WordPress. After this tutorial, you will learn what essential things to do after installing a WordPress blog. You need to follow the some must to do things, after a WordPress standard installation. Follow the below 5 things must do after creating …

The Ultimate WordPress Optimization Guide

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Improve Performance of your WordPress Website

Hi WordPress folks, in this tutorial, I will explain WordPress optimization guides like how to optimize your WordPress based websites for better performance. Nowadays many users, business owners are using WordPress either as a CMS or blog platform because of its simple admin interface and a lot of great plugins available as 100% free. You …