How to set Post Visibility Settings

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Once you publish a WordPress post (or Page), it is visible to the public (by default). In WordPress terms, this means a post with a Published status has a default visibility of Public, based on the settings in the Publish box of a Edit Post Screen. Checking Password protected reveals a text field for entering …

Facebook Style Buttons Using CSS3

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In this article i explain the easiest way to make a facebook style Buttons that people think: “Wow, this app must be as good as Facebook!”. Buttons To create the default “button” add a class of uibutton to any appropriate element.

Grouped buttons

Buttons with icons Browser compatibility Full support: Firefox 3.5+, Google …

How to install joomla 3 extensions

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The most noticeable difference is the totally revamped administrator, which is updated to a modern design with many simpler and more friendly user-interfaces. Also, starting with Joomla! 3.0, Joomla! is now device responsive. Step 1. Install Joomla Components, Modules, etc. Download any extension from joomla official website and make sure you download the complete package. …

5 most important tips and trick for wordpress post

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The most appropriate use for get_posts is to create an array of posts based on a set of parameters. It retrieves a list of latest posts or posts matching the criteria. If you would like to alter the main query before it is executed, you can hook into it using pre_get_posts. If you would just …

Drag-and-drop menu with MySQL

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In this post i will explain to how to create a Drag and Drop Menus in your web application using php and mysql. This script allows you to manage your menu using drag and drop elements to create a page hierarchy on your webpage. We connect these events using Jquery & Ajax functionalities to update …

Customizing Joomla Dynamic Page Title

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In this article i am going to explain the easy way to customizing your dynamic page title. For SEO purpose there is a common requirement to customize the every page titles and meta descriptions must be unique.You can be placed below codes anywhere in your current template’s index.php, although most people tend to insert it …

What is json in php with example

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JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation ), is an open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects. The JSON standard only supports when you are using inside an array or an object in your web applications. There are the native functions in php language to encode and decode your JSON data. You can …

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