How to Create Navigation Tabs With CSS

| Last Updated: | In: HTML / CSS, Javascript & Ajax


This is a very basic level implementation. I have created tab style interface using CSS, HTML and Jquery which is working fine. Have a look and follow these steps, to use it and enrich your web applications. It’s easy to understand how to design with CSS we choose it from basics of CSS Navigation and …

Create login page using jsp

| Last Updated: | In: JSP, Mysql


In this article you will learn how you may design a simple Login form using JSP. We use the session for storing the users information. Login.jsp page take input from user and submitted to server to further processing. Database has a MYSQL table name users. Users table is having number of fields like username and …

Login with facebook account using php

| Last Updated: | In: Facebook, PHP Tutorial


Login with Facebook makes easy to connect with users or peoples using facebook applications for your website. The Facebook SDK for Javascript provides a simple path to integrating users to login with your websites. It’s provides these common scenarios: 1) Your application uses Facebook Login to authorize users. 2) It’s also provides two login options: …

How to Disable WordPress Plugins Updates

| Last Updated: | In: WordPress, WP Labs

wordpress maintenance plugin list

If you want to disable the plugin update notification from your wordpress admin panel, then here is very easy & simple code. But Bellow code is simply disable the WordPress plugins Updates.This will be beneficial if you are developing a website for a client, and don’t want them to update their plugins.if you’re worried that …

Facebook like box for wordpress

| Last Updated: | In: Facebook, Plugins, WordPress

Facebook like box for wordpress

It will display a more flexible and responsible Facebook Like Box in your WordPress sidebar widgets. More than that, it also enables to display in your code template. Facebook Like Box is a WordPress social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract website visitors and gain more Likes from their website. This also enables …

Sending Email Using PHPMailer and SMTP

| Last Updated: | In: PHP Tutorial


This tutorial describes how to use PHPMailer and use of the PHPMailer class functions. Many PHP websites and web applications need to send transactional emails. PHP does have a mail() function you could use to send an email from the web server itself. Step 1. Include the library and instantiate a PHPMailer object For those …

How to Create View in Mysql

| Last Updated: | In: Mysql


A view is a virtual table or mapping of data from one or more tables. Views do not contain any data – it is just a stored query in the database that can be executed when a view is called. Purposes to Create a View 1) To focus, simplify, and customize the perception each user …

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