How to Create View in Mysql

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A view is a virtual table or mapping of data from one or more tables. Views do not contain any data – it is just a stored query in the database that can be executed when a view is called. Purposes to Create a View 1) To focus, simplify, and customize the perception each user …

Responsive Video Player with Vertical Playlist

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In this article we’ll showcase you the best Responsive Video Player with Vertical Playlist to test and adapt for your next projects. A responsive video player on your webpage assures all your users can enjoy an outstanding viewing experience. You can also put the multiple video files you would like to showcase. MAIN FEATURES 1) …

Mysql Query Syntax Example

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Hi friends how are you? Hope you are doing good, today i am going to share a very important and useful things with you. If you are beginners in mysql, then this tutorial is best for you. Below i have explained some important MYSQL Query Syntax with examples. Some Important MYSQL Commands 1) SELECT – …

Check If User is Logged in WordPress

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If you are looking put condition on the basis of user’s login, the you can use the bellow code snippets. This is a simple & easy steps. navigate to your current active wordpress theme folder and open the file where you need to implement these condition in your wordpress theme’s files. Add the below code …

Oracle Tutorial for beginners

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In the late 1960s/early 1970s, specialised data management software appeared – the first database management systems (DBMS). These early DBMS were either hierarchical (tree) or network (CODASYL) databases which were complex and inflexible and could not easily  be modified for new applications or reorganising the data. In 1974 IBM started a project called System/R to …

Second highest salary in mysql

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In this tutorial i will explain a very common interview question get second highest salary in mysql. if you are going for the role at junior level developer in PHP OR Mysql database administration, then this post will very useful for you. Most of the people learn it character by character, but few understand how …

PHP contact form

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create article post Time Ago Function in php

In this article, we will create a contact form for your website. The contact form contains only the required fields mostly used in contact forms. There are needs two parts in Contact form : the client side of the form and the server side of the form. The HTML code, some style (CSS) and JavaScript …