WordPress Database Architecture Design With Descriptions

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In today’s post I will explain very useful thing. If you want to start working on WordPress OR you are a WordPress beginners, then it is very important for you to understand the wordpress database architecture design. I am going to explain WordPress database architecture design with description of each tables which generate during your …

How To Create MySQL Trigger

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Mysql Trigger

This article will explain how to create Trigger in mysql. A mysql trigger is a procedural code which is automatically executed after response to certain events on a particular table or view in a database. I am taking a real time example here, when a new entry ( New Employee Joining) inserted in to employee …

Fix the WordPress Error Establishing a Database Connection

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Hi friends, today i am sharing the solution of database connection error in wordpress. One of my client got “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in his wordpress website intermittently. While doing R&D to find the root causes of this error, i realized that there are many ways to fix this error. Bellow is the lists …

Responsive country,state,city dropdown using PHP

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I got many request to Responsive country,state,city dropdown values from the database without refresh page using Ajax and PHP. In this article, I’ve put three drop down of country,state,city, drop downs without refreshing the page. All the country, state, city data and their licensing is free to use so you can use this data for …

Getting Started with MongoDB and PHP

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This tutorial provides an introduction to basic database operations using the mongo shell. MongoDB is a document database that provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program with NoSQL database. It stores data in json format. MongoDb is developed by MongoDB Inc in 2007. How …

How to write multiple queries using MySQL Transaction

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A transaction is a sequential group of database manipulation operations, which is performed as if it were one single work unit. These statements provide control over use of transactions: START TRANSACTION or BEGIN start a new transaction. COMMIT commits the current transaction, making its changes permanent. ROLLBACK rolls back the current transaction, canceling its changes. …

Login with Yahoo Oauth in php

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In this post i explain how to Login with Yahoo Oauth in php. Now a days mostly website needs the login using third party websites like Google, Yahoo, facebook or some of the social networks. This is a very simple and easy steps to follow. . In order to start working with Yahoo SDK you …