How to Accept Multiple Friend Requests at Once on Facebook

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Some time you will get a lots of friend request on facebook and it’s very stiff for you to accept request one by one. In this tutorial i will let you know some tricks to Accept Multiple Friend Requests at Once on Facebook by using little bit of javascript code. Steps to do Step 1) …

3D Solar System Using CSS and Javascript

| Last Updated: | In: HTML / CSS, Javascript & Ajax, PHP Tutorial

CSS 3D Solar System

Hi friend, hope you are doing well. Today i am going to share a interesting article which demonstrate the solar system data visualization using using HTML/CSS and a little bit of JavaScript code. This script is free of charge to use any person for his personal and professional use. This article is written in HTML/CSS …

5 Best AngularJS Frameworks To Develop Next Generation Apps Quickly

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Now days there are lots of angularJS front-end framework available in market. Are you confused to choosing right framework for your next angularJS Application, then see below 5 Best AngularJS Frameworks To Develop Next Generation Apps very Quickly. AngularJS is gaining popularity day by day for its potential to simplify application development. It is a …

HTML5 Local Storage Tutorial with Example

| Last Updated: | In: Freebies, HTML / CSS, html5, Javascript & Ajax


In this article we will learn how easy to store information locally on user’s computer by using HTML5 Local Storage. It is a very powerful strategy and very useful for a web developer. Local storage store and access data per domain & per protocol for all pages of your application. By using HTML5 local storage …

A clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap

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ClockPicker was designed for Bootstrap in the beginning. So Bootstrap (and jQuery) is the only dependency(s). Since it only used .popover and some of .btn styles of Bootstrap, I picked these styles to build a jQuery plugin. Feel free to use jquery-* files instead of bootstrap-* , for non-bootstrap project. Browser support All major browsers …

Submit Checkbox values in Form with javascript

| Last Updated: | In: Freebies, Javascript & Ajax

In this post i explain how to Submit Checkbox values in Form with javascript. In the demo you see the mail-box selection for mails deletion. I had experimented with javascript support. I will used java script to store Checkbox values in hidden field name store_del. Html with PHP code.

Explode! Comma(,) php script See …

Text box Input Masked Plugin for certain input data format

| Last Updated: | In: Freebies, HTML / CSS, html5, Javascript & Ajax


This is a useful jQuery plugin for creating customization Masks Input boxes that allow users to control how data being entered into your text input fields is formatted. Visit the demo page to see the examples and more features. Main Features Accepts any pattern order you would like to use In case of dates, it …

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