Distance calculation using Google map api

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Hi friends, hope you are doing well. In today’s post i am going to share very useful API. After this post you will be know how to calculate distance between origin and destination using google map api in php. This PHP scripts will get the distance and time estimation using google map API. Below is …

How to implement RIPS code analyser in your php script

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RIPS is a static code analysis tool to automatically scan vulnerabilities for your PHP applications. Johannes Dahse the developer of RIPS is released the initial version in May 2010 as open source software. Besides the structured output of found vulnerabilities RIPS also offers an integrated code audit framework for further manual analysis. Static code analysis …

What expect from PHP 7

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What expect from PHP 7 PHP 7 is a major release of PHP programming language, It was released on December 2015. you can also read what is PHP ? Here are two great infographics that explain PHP 7 perfectly, take a look at PHP 7 Performance and 5 Things to Know about PHP 7. Download …

How to Create Your Own Encrypted Password Using PHP

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Create your own encrypted password using php If you are developing a password-protected web site, you have to make a decision about how to store user password information securely. You can use predefine password encryption method. Unsuitable for passwords for your Application Why are common hashing functions such as md5 and sha1() unsuitable password for …

Simple script to upload zip file and unzipped on webserver

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Hello Friend, hope you are doing good. Today i am going to share a simple php script which will upload your zip file to the web server and have it extract to your destination folder. It will saves your tons of time, think only of uploading. A useful php script to unzip the zip folder …

Simple image cropping using cropper.js and PHP

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Hi friends, hope you are doing good. Today i am going to share how you can crop a simple image using cropper.js and PHP. This is a simple jQuery image cropping plugin cropper.js. The cropper js inherits from the size of the image’s parent element (wrapper), so be sure to wrap the image with a …

How to validate the credit card using php funtion

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In this article i have explain How to validate the credit card using php this funtion This function will validate a credit card is valid or not. Bellow is the list of rules for top six most popular credit cards : mastercard: Must have a prefix of 51 to 55, and must be 16 digits …