Mysql Query Syntax Example

Hi friends how are you? Hope you are doing good, today i am going to share a very important and useful things with you. If you are beginners in mysql, then this tutorial is best for you. Below i have explained some important MYSQL Query Syntax with examples.

Some Important MYSQL Commands

1) SELECT – Select data from a table
2) UPDATE – updates data in a table
3) DELETE – delete data from a table
4) INSERT INTO – inserts new data into a table
5) CREATE DATABASE – creates a new table
6) ALTER DATABASE – modifies a table
7) CREATE TABLE – creates a new table
8) ALTER TABLE – modifies a table
9) DROP TABLE – deletes a table

Mysql Create table Syntax

Open the phpmyadmin and create a table using the below code.

MYSQL INSERT Statement Syntax

The INSERT INTO statement is used to insert new records in a table.

MYSQL SELECT Statement Syntax

Below example select the all data from the employees table

MYSQL DELETE Statement Syntax

Below example delete the matched data from the employees table

MYSQL UPDATE Statement Syntax

Below example Update the existing data from the employees table.

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