How to Disable WordPress Plugins Updates

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If you want to disable the plugin update notification from your WordPress admin panel, then here is very easy & simple code. Bellow code simply disables the WordPress plugins Updates.This will be beneficial if you are developing a website for a client, and don’t want them to update their plugins.if you’re worried that the update will break the site.

Always Remember

Please remember it is very important to keep your plugins up to date. This is preventing from several security vulnerabilities or performance issues.

How to Disable WordPress Plugins Updates

Add below code at the end of your current theme’s file functions.php

If you do not want to edit your functions.php file, then simply install the Disable Update Notifications plugin and select the option to disable WordPress plugins update notifications from admin panel and it will be automatically disabled.

This plugin has some extra features like you can also disable your WordPress core and WordPress theme update notifications by simply pressed a button.

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