How To Create Contact Form in drupal 7

This article will describes, how to enable the contact form in drupal 7. The Contact module allows site visitors to send emails to the site administrator.

You can specify the text to display on your contact us page and you can also restricted limits, how many times a user can submit a contact form.

How to setup Contact Form and manage contact details


Enabling Contact module

Go to the Administration » Modules or
In module section, enable Contact module.
Click on Save configuration.


Configure the user Contact form

GO to the Administration » Configuration » People.
Click on Account settings, edit the details.
Click on Save the configuration button.


Add in Menu link

Go to the Administration » Structure » Menus
Click on Add link.
Save the details.


Change the contact form email address

Go to the Administration » Structure
then edit the email address and save.


Now you can open the homepage of your website and click the Contact us menu to see the page with form you have just created.

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