MySQL Server Administration Using Workbench

In this article, I will explain the MySQL Workbench for administrative functions of Mysql Server. Mysql bench could be a visual information configuration equipment that mixes SQL advancement, organization, information defined, creation and support into a solitary joined improvement surroundings for the Mysql information framework. MySQL Workbench provides Database Administrator (DBA) and developers an integrated tools for:

  • Database Designing & Modeling
  • SQL Development
  • Database Migration
  • Database Administration tools for server configuration, user administration, and much more

Getting Started with mysql workbench – Home Window

After installation of Workbench, go to your start menu and search “Workbench” and click on the icon to open Workbench application. This is the start-up/home screen of Mysql Workbench.


Create a New Connection: MysqlConnection

You need to create a database connection to access your database. Now create a database. Now follow the below steps to create the new database connection as “MysqlConnection”.


How to Create Your Own Database

Open the MYSQL Editor and then open a MySQL connection, which is created by you “MysqlConnection”. On this SQL tab, you can execute your mysql queries and see the results below the sql tabs. see the below screenshort.


Over to You

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