How to add default role to user while registration

Satyam Updhyay - - Drupal, Drupal Beginners

Adding a default role to a user while registration and let them allow to enter their password while registering and make their account activate.

To give the above authority to a user, Please Follow these steps:

  • Download the Registration Role module and enable it in your site.
  • In the configuration you can select a role that will be assing in default to a user while registration
  • Download the User Registration Password module and enable this also.
  • Go to configuration setting of your site and find the peopel=>account setting and look for the section Registrtaion and Cancelation in this section:
  • Who can register ? => select the visitors.
  • Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account => select the Do not require a verification e-mail, and let users set their password on the registration form.

And Save the configuration settings

Now It’s Done, Enjoy !


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