Delete a Record with animation effect using jQuery and Ajax (Updated)

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In this tutorials i will explain the easy steps to Delete a Record with animation effect using jQuery and Ajax. I like Twitter API very much, it’s clean and faster. So i prepared this jQuery tutorial delete action with out refreshing page.

After this tutorials you will be able to create a web application which will delete records from mysql table like animation using jQuery and PHP, so keep close attention in this post and you can also download the complete script of this tutorial.

Ajax delete

Create Database Table Code

Open PHPMyAdmin in your browser and select a database. Click on SQL tabs, Copy paste below snippet and execute the code. Now you have successfully created the mysql table named “updates” and inserted some dummy data.

Dbconfig.php code

Now create a folder in your www folder. Create dbconfig.php file and add below code to connect your code with mysql database.

Index.php (user interface page)

Here Displaying records form database using while loop. Delete button included in anchor tag attribute id=< ?php echo $row['ms_id']; ?>. This we are passing to delete.php page.


Ajax with Jquery code

demo download.

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