JQuery plugin for Location Picker

This plug-in makes it possible for for you to very easily come across and select an establishment about the Yahoo chart. Plus a one stage variety, it makes it possible for to select an area by giving their core plus the radius. All of the facts could be stored for you to virtually any HTML feedback factor on auto-pilot in addition to become highly processed by simply Javascript.


demo download.

One other feature in the plug-in is actually programmed tackle resolver that enables to have tackle line from the chosen latitude and also longitude. The particular plug-in also helps looking by tackle entered into the sure input component which uses auto-complete feature from Google API to produce your lookup method less difficult. In such cases your sign will probably be immediately positioned on your guide soon after successful tackle image resolution. The particular plug-in presently uses JQuery and also Google Atlases.

Features :

  • Doesn’t require JQuery UI. The only requirements are JQuery and GoogleMaps API
  • Allows to pick an area with specified radius
  • Automatical binding to UI components (bidirectional data exchange)
  • Autocomplete for address input
  • Navigation by cordinates as well as by address

How to use

Please including all required javascript files.

Basic usage without any settings in your html file.

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