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PHP Tutorials

Login with facebook account using php

How to Integrate Paypal Payment Gateway in PHP

Login with Google Account OpenID in php

Sending Email Using PHPMailer and SMTP

Drag-and-drop menu with MySQL

Get facebook fan page details using jquery

Facebook style photo gallery with comments

datagrid paging, sorting, filter using PHP and MySQL

Facebook Like URL data Extract Using PHP and Ajax

import csv file data in mysql using php code

Seo friendly url using htaccess

WordPress Tutorials

Post pagination without using plugin

Facebook like box for wordpress

Check if user is logged in wordpress

Top 5 tips to speed up your wordpress website

Top ten wordpress tutorials for wordpress developer

How and When to Use Actions and Filters

Display Subcategories on Category Pages

Best Free WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Jquery And Ajax Tutorials

Check username availability using jquery and Ajax

Delete a Record with animation effect using jQuery and Ajax

JQuery Plugin which lets you Share what you Like

Free Responsive Bootstrap Admin panel Templates

10 best jQuery and HTML5 Rich Text Editors

Get your Geolocation usiing Java script and HTML5

Get facebook fan page details using jquery

Easy to create pdf by using javascript

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