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CSS3 has been split into “modules”. It contains the “old CSS specification” (which has been split into smaller pieces). In addition, new modules are added.

CSS3 Modules

  • Selectors
  • Box Model
  • Backgrounds and Borders
  • Image Values and Replaced Content
  • Text Effects
  • 2D/3D Transformations
  • Animations
  • Multiple Column Layout
  • User Interface

CSS3 Borders
You can create rounded borders, add shadow to boxes, and use an image as a border – without using a design program, like Photoshop.

CSS3 The border-image Property

CSS3 Linear Gradients

Example 1. Radial Gradient – Evenly Spaced Color Stops (this is default)

Example 2. Radial Gradient – Differently Spaced Color Stops.

CSS3 Text Effects
CSS3 has a sevral new text shaddow effect.

CSS3 Transitions
You can use animation effects using CSS3 Transitions without using Flash animations or JavaScripts.

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