An Introduction of HTML 6


What is HTML5 ?

HTML5 was a great leap forward for web developers. It gave us all kinds of hip new tags like header, nav and footer. It also gave us slick new JavaScript APIs like drag and drop, localStorage, and geolocation. Still, however, there is a void that HTML5 has yet to fill and that void is truly semantic markup.

A better example, making a calendar like :

The Concept of HTML 6

In HTML6 we take advantage of this ingenious concept by giving us freedom to use whatever tag we want by the W3C reserving namespaces and not tags. The W3C would basically reserve the right to all namespaces, and each namespace they reserve will trigger a different HTML API.

Best Proposals for a Brilliant HTML6

1. Program estimating of Imagery: The pixel size of a photograph ranges from desktop to smart phone to versatile. An upgraded HTML6 technique could prescribe a sought tallness or width for a specific picture, and server could contribute the most good determination.

2. Pluggable Languages: HTML6 is landing with more lively, pluggable dialects that would incorporate more versatility and configuration choices for the web engineers. This could be actualized by all the programs when there’s a firm open source execution.

3. Stronger Micro-positions: The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has been tremendously finding stronger micro-groups for stamping little bits of information. The designers can likewise use all the more far reaching markups for times, dates, areas, lists of sources, things of offer, and all assortments of standard information.

4. Better Annotation: A standard structures can incorporate annotations appended to the sentences, words, or sections. An in vogue form HTML6 may likewise allow annotations to the pictures or the minutes caught inside the features. Few advantages are open in managing the API in place that programs and locales serve the key annotations in the same strategy.

A complete example of HTML6

It’s whatever makes sense to you and your application.

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