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If want to display the latest tweets in your WordPress sidebar area, then this plugin will help you to display latest tweets from your twitter profile. I have developed very simple WordPress plugin for this.

Fm Latest Tweets Widget plugin is used for display the latest tweets in widget’s sidebar and it is also compatible with the new Twitter API. Display your latest tweets form your twitter account by using this plugin on your website.

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== Installation ==

1. Unzip folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Log into your WordPress admin and activate the ‘Latest Tweets widget’ plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu
3. Once the plugin is installed and enabled you can find it in your widget and then follows the steps.

Activate after installation of this plugin and then go to the Dashboard => Widgets and search “Latest Tweets Widget” and then drag & drop in sidebar to display latest tweets. You can also configure like how many tweets you want to display.

WordPress Twitter Plugin

Widgets can be created by logging into Twitter and:

Step 1) Go to:
Step 2) Press the ‘Create new’ button
Step 3) Fill in the settings
Step 4) Hit the ‘Create widget’ button
Step 5) You widget ID will be visible in the code text box:

Fm Latest Tweets Widget2

Widgets ‹ wordpress1

Download from WordPress plugin directory : Download      Demo

Over to You

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