What to expect from drupal 8 ?


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What to expect from drupal 8 ?

This year drupal will kicked off with is incredible about some of the cool features we can expect from the upcoming Drupal 8.

These features are in drupal 8 views in core, web services, mobile and HTML5 we talked about the new features and showed a live demo of some of the new features. In addition the session covered how to help finalize Drupal 8 and get involved yourself.

  • Content authoring experience in D8
  • The Mobile changes in D8 (Hint: Its going to be fully responsive)
  • Configuration Management Initiative and how its a game changer!
  • Web Services (Hint: REST Interface)
  • WYSIWYG and HTML 5
  • Multilingual
  • Views in core (Woo Hoo)
  • And many more!

In Place Editing

By using this new features you allows to edit your content directly in the page, which is an amazing experience. You can see this in action in this demo.

Mobile Experience

Drupal 8 is the mobile responsive for frontend or administrative perspective. It will now be equipped with several features to better serve content to mobile devices as well as to facilitate content editing.

  • A revamped mobile friendly administration menu
  • A mobile friendly administration theme
  • Responsive images out of the box
  • Responsive tables

Better Blocks

In the drupal 8 blocks are deprecated the ugly duckling in the family and can be treated as any other entity, making them fieldable, accessed through the Entity API etc. There are some new features interoduced in drupal 8 which are Entity Reference, Date, Link, Phone, Email, Comment and etc.

No more support IE8, IE7 and IE6

Drupal 8 is not supported the IE*, IE7 and IE6 see here contribute to core coading

PHP OOPS Supports

Drupal 8 supports the modern PHP OOPS that offer one of the main changes being switching from procedural to object oriented programming.

By standardising it will make things easier for people who want to learn Drupal 8. It will make easier to find talented developers to work in Drupal, which in the end will mean a healthy growth in the Drupal community.

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