Simple script to upload zip file and unzipped on webserver

Hello Friend, hope you are doing good. Today i am going to share a simple php script which will upload your zip file to the web server and have it extract to your destination folder. It will saves your tons of time, think only of uploading. A useful php script to unzip the zip folder on your web server.

Basically it extracts the zip file into the directory you specify. Make sure the directory you want to extract it to has write permissions.

unzip php scipt

Download      Demo

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PHP Code

Simple script to upload a zip file to the web server and have it unzipped to destination folder. It will Saves tons of time, think only of uploading. The function rmdir_recursive() will extract .zip folder on your web server and after extract delete that .zip folder from your server using unlink("$dir/$file") function.

Download      Demo

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