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Are you installing a new Facebook application in your website & you need to enter Facebook App ID & secret key? In today’s post i will let you know how to get Facebook App Id and secret key for your website or mobile app.

Follow below step to create Facebook ID & secret key.


How to create a Basic Facebook APP & get App ID & Secret Key

Below is the erasy & simple steps to get facebook app ID and secret Key. Log into Facebook with your username and password, and go to Facebook Apps


Click on website of app you are using.


On this page give a name of your app. Make sure it relevant of your webiste name OR call it as test app if you are using this for testing purpose.


Select the category for the your app and click on Create App ID button.


Now go to your Dashboad page & you will see the app you hvae created from facebook App page, from where you can retrieve your app id & secret key.


Click on show button to show App secret, and you need to enter your Facebook account password to display App secret key. Now copy the App ID & App Secret in your web application.

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