Things Should Know Before Creating Facebook Ads

Hi, folks In today tutorial, I will explain the things should know before doing facebook ads. Facebook offers one of the most targeted advertising opportunities these days. It simply comes down to who you want to target, and how much you are willing to pay to place a bid.

Choose a ads that work best for your organization

Facebook ads allow you to combine a photo or logo and 90 text characters to promote a page, app, event or external website to people who may or may not yet be connected to your cause – your choice. Ads appear on the right-hand side of the Facebook news feed.


As compare to Google Ads, Facebook gives you the power to identify users that fit your demographic to a tee.

Make Payment

Select the currency and add payment method to pay the facebook.

Facebook provides insight of your website into its 1 billion users, so you can get the best results possible, determine not only the demographic you want to market to but what you want to get out of your actions.

You can track your campaign and see the inside graphically.


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