Apply WooCommerce Extra Fee

Want to add extra charge or fee in the subtotal of on Woocommerce stores like Shipping and handling charge, Payment surcharge, then this plugin is best for you. This plugin allows you to add extra fee with every order from your WooCommerce store.

Tested with Woocommerce 2.0.18, 2.2.4, 2.5.2 and 2.6.1


  • Enabled / Disabled the Woocommerce extra fee
  • Change “Label” as you want
  • Change “Amount” to cart total extra fee you want to apply
  • Choose “Extra Fee Type” to Fixed Fee or Percentage of Cart Total

== Installation ==

1. Download the archive and unzip it in /wp-content/plugins OR install via Plugins > Add New > Search for the Woo Extra Fee in the search bar.

2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

3. Update the plugin settings in your Woo Extra Fee Page.

4. You’re done!

Screen Short for Plugin

WooCommerce Admin Extra Fee - Settings


WooCommerce Frontend - Cart page


Download from wordpress plugin directory : Download      Demo

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