5 Best AngularJS Frameworks To Develop Next Generation Apps Quickly

Now days there are lots of angularJS front-end framework available in market. Are you confused to choosing right framework for your next angularJS Application, then see below 5 Best AngularJS Frameworks To Develop Next Generation Apps very Quickly.

AngularJS is gaining popularity day by day for its potential to simplify application development. It is a MVW javascript framework which is maintain by Google Developer team.

1. Ionic

Ionic framework is an open source which offers a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS and JS components and tools for building interactive native apps and progressive web applications.


2. Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap is bootstrap components written in angurJS which is developed by AngulaUI Team. It offersseveral features like carousel, alert, time picker, date picker, dropdown, buttons and many more.


3. Mean.IO

Mean.io stands for mongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. It is a full stack javascript framework which accelerates your web application development.


4. Angular UI Grid

Angular UI Grid is a part of by Angular UI which provides a lots fo features like data filtering, data sorting, grouping, row expanding and more..

ui grid.info

5. Angular Foundation

Angular Foundation is a set of native AngularJS framework based on Foundation’s markup and CSS.

Angular directives for Foundation


Thanks for your time on freewebmentor. Above are the lists of 5 best and free AngularJS Framework. If you find out more and want to add in above lists, then let us know by mentioning it in the comments box below.

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