Amazon Product Advertising API in PHP

Amazon development team has developed a world class product advertising API in php. Millions of customers are using every day this robust, scalable, and reliable technology for product advertising in his blog.

All Product Advertising API is open source (free). Join today to get access of Product Advertising API as developer. Many bloggers and web store owners are already using this realizing financial gains. Affiliate Program

Required Knowledge and Skills

For implementing this API you required to fimiliar with XML syntax and struture and also basic knowledge of web servers ( REST/SOAP ). In addition, you must have familiar with PHP programming language. Go to the following links:

W3 Schools XML Tutorial
W3 Schools Web Services Tutorial
PHP Tutorial

Amazon affiliate API

Above PHP code implement an product search request in which customer can enter their keywords. Copy above php code and save in a file “simpleStore.php”.

Create a file named amazonAffiliate.php and copy paste below code. In below code you will find a simple form for enter your search keywords.

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