How to create Parallax Scrolling design using CSS

CSS was developed around 1995, but after 2010 CSS2 was fully supported by major web browsers and after several time CSS3 developed. Now using CSS3 you can create awesome web desgin. Today i am going to share the How to create Parallax Scrolling design using CSS. Now days parallax design is treds in website design and development. Mostly clients are asking for parallax design based website. so bello is the excellent example to design parallax design without using jquery and javascripts.


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CSS Code

Create style.css page and copy paste bellow CSS code.

Include CSS File

After creating the style.css page, include that css page index.html page above head closed.

Html Code

Create a index.html page and copy paste bellow code.

Now open the index.html page in your default web browser and checked the parallax design you have designed. Do like and share with your friends if you like.

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