Host Your Web Application For Free On RedHat’s OPENSHIFT

If you are looking for free server space to host your web application, then this article is very beneficial for you. Now you can host your application on openshift server which is managed by Redhat. You can host max 3 Application upto 1GB storage per application.

OpenShift  PaaS by Red Hat  Built on Docker and Kubernetes

Get Started to Setting Your Cloud Server

1. You have Sign up at

2. After your sign up navigate to Application and click on Add Application button.


3. Choose the type of programming for your application like ( Zend Server, Php, WordPress, Ruby, Python, and etc..).


4. Then you will get a public URL the domain name and namespace and your application homepage will be “http://application”.


5. You need to specify the source code of your application from github like: (If you have), otherwise a Git code repository will be automatically created in the cloud with default configuration, files and folders.

6. Now you have to provide the public key for uses Git version control system, you can access your repository using GIT protocol.


Steps to deploy your application using GitHub Repository

Want to edit the required files OR want to upload files & folders into the Git repository use the following commands

In Linux and in Windows – Open the terminal(Linux) / GitHub shell(Windows) and move to the folder where the cloned repository is present and type:


How to Create a Free Hosting Account with

Host Your Custom domain

You can also host your custom domain name like ( Follow the below instructions. After deploy your application from GitHub, click on your application and then click on change link.


On this page enter your name which you want to host with www like:

New Alias   OpenShift Online by Red Hat


Now set up the CNAME record with your doamin DNS provider and configure your DNS host records. Do like this article, subscribe our newsletter and share it with your friends!

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