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Today i am going to share a article How to create Popular Posts in WordPress. If you want to display the most viewed posts as popular on your blog, then add the below codes in your functions.php file in your theme. There are several functions to create the popular posts widgets. Below are the lists of functions :

1) fm_set_post_views(); // function to set the popular posts
2) function fm_track_post_views(); // track the post view
3) function fm_get_post_views(); // //get the most view’s post

1) Function fm_set_post_views();

This function will insert the posts views in database table corresponding the post id with meta_key named "fm_post_views_count". The number of time a post will views this count will increase.

2) Function function fm_track_post_views();

This function will keep the count accurate, lets get rid of prefetching.

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3) Function function fm_get_post_views();

This function will help you to get the most view’s posts form your blog.

Winding Up

There are two ways to use above code for create a popular posts in WordPress first is you can use it in your functions.php page OR create a wordpress plugin.

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