How To Display Custom Facebook Feeds In WordPress Website

After this tutorial you will be able to know how to Display Custom Facebook Feeds. If you want to display your Facebook fan page OR Facebook group feeds in your website, then this plugin is best for you. The custom facebook feed wordpress plugin allows you to display the posts from your facebook fan page or group with many customization according to your website color combination.

In this plugin you can get lots of features like Completely Customizable, crawlable by search engines to add SEO value, feeds from multiple different Facebook fan pages or groups, custom CSS, Caching, easy to configure, supports maximum character length, Localization/i18n language support and much more.


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Benefits Of Using Custom Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

By using custom facebook feed plugin you will lots of benefits like increase your social engagement between you and your users, customers, fans page or between your group members, Get more likes, Improve your SEO quality, updated regularly and much more.

How To Installation Custom Facebook Feed

Very easy steps to install this plugin. You can install this plugin via wordpress directory or by direct uploading the updated files. Follow the bellow steps for installation.

1) Login in your website admin panel and navigate to Plugins -> Add New.
2) Search Custom Facebook Feed in search box and install this plugin.
3) After installation activate the plugin via “Plugins” menu in admin panel.
4) Navigate to Facebook Feed settings page to configure.

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Short code Of Custom Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

Add bellow short code to display the Facebook feeds. You can configure how many posts will display by changing “num” parameter.

Short code: [custom-facebook-feed id=CNN num=3]

Plugin’s Screenshots

Facebook Feeds Plugin Reviews
Facebook Feeds Plugin Reviews

Custom Facebook Feed 1



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