How to Integrate Woocommerce Products with Social Media

If you are a store owner or an ecommerce web developer, then i would suggest to pay close attention in this post, as i am going to explain How to Integrate Woocommerce Products with Social Media.

WooCommerce is a open source plugin used for e-commerce websites based on WordPress. It is used for small to large sized online stores. There are lots of free add on plugins are available in wordpress plugin directories. Woocommerce is became popular very quickly. Its knows for simplicity to install and customize and an open source.


There are lots of ‘hooks’ & ‘filters’ available. In today’s post i am going to explain how to use hooks to integrate social media with products.

Integrating with ShareThis Plugin

Before using the below code make sure you have installed ShareThis WordPress plugins. If you haven’t download ShareThis Plugin.


Add the below code in your theme functions.php page or you can use Functionality WordPress Plugin

Integrating with ShareDaddy (Part of Jetpack)

You can also integrate with ShareDaddy social media plugin. ShareDaddy is a part of Jetpack WordPress plugin. Download ShareDaddy (part of Jetpack) before using below code in your theme’s functions.php file.


Functionality WordPress plugins is a way to add separate codes, normally you might place above code in your theme’s functions.php file. You will not loose all of your custom changes if you decide to use different themes.

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