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If you want to integrate Stripe Credit Card Payment Gateway in your web application, then keep close attention in this article. As today i am going to share very useful and reusable set of codes for Credit card payment with stripe using bootstrap form.

Stripe Payment Gateway is a payment processing system to accept online payments. It was developed in an American technology company on September, 2011 by Patrick Collison and John Collison. Currently it is operating in over 20 countries to accept payments from internet for private individuals and businesses.

I have used bootstrap for form layout with stripe credit card payment gateway which will help you in your next web application to capture online payments.


Download      Demo

Module Features

1) Input box formatting as you start typing.
2) Generates a Stripe credit card token.
3) Form validation when as you type using jQuery Validation Plugin
4) Graceful error feedback for declined card, etc
5) Visual feedback using ajax form submission.

External Libraries

1) jQuery Validation Plugin
2) jQuery.payment library
3) Stripe.js

Include Vendor library Files

CSS Code

Add Below CSS code in your page before head tag closed.

JS Code

Below javascript code is used to form validations.

HTML Code For Payment Form

Download      Demo

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