How to Clone Page and Post in WordPress

Hi friends hope you are doing good. Today’s guide is something which you will find very useful. I am going to share how to clone page and post in wordpress easily. This will save your ton of time to create dummy posts and pages. Page and Post Clone plugin can create a replica or clone of a post or page with one click. You don’t need to do the styling of your page and post from scratch.

If you want to create some dummy pages and posts for R&D OR testing some functionalities in wordpress as per your requirements, then this plugin is very useful for you, so keep close attention on this post and see the every steps.


How to install Page and Post Clone Plugin

Installation process is very easy and simple of this plugin like others. See the below step to install this plugin.

1) Go Admin Panel => Plugins => Add New and search Page and Post clone in search box.


2) After installation click on activate button to enable this features.

3) Now go to the Pages and then hover cursor over a page name and click on “Clone” link. After clicked on clone link you will be redirected to the draft copy of that page and then you can make your changes as per your requirement and click on publish button to save. To clone the Post repeat the same process.


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