How to Link a WordPress Post OR Page to External Links

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After reading this post you will be able to know How to Link a WordPress Post OR Page to External Links. This is very important and useful post for WordPress users/developer, so please close attention on this post. Sometime you just want to add post/page title with other website links and share with your users instead of sending them to that post/page.

Page Links To WordPress Plugin


Linking WordPress Post/Page Title to an External Link

If want to linking your WordPress Post/Page title with an external URL, you can do this by using Page Links To WordPress plugin. This plugin is very useful for setting up your navigation menus with other website url.

How to Install Page Links To Plugin

Very easy steps to install this plugin. Login in WordPress admin panel and go to the Plugins => Add New and click on Add New. On this screen search Page Links to in search bar.


Click on Install Now button and after installation click on Activate button to enable page link to feature.


Now go to the Add New Post/Page screen and you will see the Page Links To meta box in right side below of publish button.


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