How to Install a WordPress Plugin

In this post i will explain how to install WordPress plugin. WordPress plugins are tools which provide the additional features to your web application. To install a WordPress plugins are very easy. Today i will explain how to do.

Before start your installation please make sure if you are using’s free website, then you can’t install any plugins.

Install By Search

You can install plugin by search. Login in your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Plugins => Add New. Now search plugins by entering keyword in search box and then click on Install Now button.


Install Plugin By Upload Zip file

Here is another easy way install WordPress plugins. Go to the Plugns => Add New and click on Upload Plugin button. Now select zip file and click on Install Now button.


Install Plugin By FTP

Download plugin from WordPress directory and extract. Now connect your website’s FTP and navigate to wp-content => plugins folder and upload your plugin. After complete upload go to the WordPress admin panel and click on Plugins menu from left bar. Activate plugin to enable plugin features.


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