How to add Custom CSS in WordPress

Want to customize your WordPress theme OR want to add some custom CSS code, so don’t login with FTP and open your default style.css file. In this post i will explain the very easy and simple way to add custom css styles.

Simple Custom CSS WordPress Plugin will allow you to add custom css code in your website without any hassles. This plugin will override Plugin and Theme default styles. This is tested and compatible with WordPress latest versions.


Plugin Features

1) Allows Administrator access on Multisite
2) No configuration needed
3) Active Plugin Support
4) Useful Code Syntax Highlighter
5) Simple interface built on WordPress UI
6) Virtually no impact on site performance
7) No complicated database queries and many more..

Installation Simple Custom Css Plugin

Installation of this plugin is very simple as other plugins. Download Simple Custom CSS plugin from and unzip.

1) Upload unzip folder to your root directory => wp-contents => plugins folder using FTP.
2) Now go to WordPress admin and click on Plugins
3) Click Activate Plugin to enable plugin features.
4) Go to Appearance and click on Custom CSS menu.

5) On the Custom CSS page add your custom css code.


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