How to Change the WordPress Database Prefix

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WordPress stored all information in default database. By default WordPress using MySql database to save all websites information. For the security reason we have to changed database default prefix wp_ to as you want.

In today’s post i will explain the easy way to change database prefix from wp_ to mp_. Changing the database prefix helps you to avoid SQL injections attacks from hackers.


Change DB Prefix WordPress plugin is very useful and used to change default wordpress database prefix (wp_). By using Change DB Prefix plugin you can easily change your database default prefix. You don’t need to change it manually.

Installation Change DB Prefix Plugin

1) Login in your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins => Add New.
2) Type Change DB Prefix in search box and click on search button.
3) Click on Install Now button and after installation activate plugin to enable plugin features.
4) Now go to Settings => change DB Prefix

Setting Of Plugin Screenshots

Below is the admin settings Screenshots.



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