How to Create a Custom Mailchimp Templates

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If you want to create custom email template in mailchimp, then keep close attention in this post. Mailchimp is best email campaign software now days. Please keep in mind Mailchimp have only free for 1,999 subscribers, you can send them to an email to 6 times in a month after that you have to buy mailchimp monthly subscription plan.

MailChimp gives an extensive assortment of adaptable formats that you can use as the beginning stage for your email campaigns.


How to create a mailchimp template using template Builder

Go to the Templates page and click on Create Template button on top right side.

1) Go to the Templates page.
2) Click Create Template.
3) Choose either Basic OR Custom Theme.


Select template to create as per your requirements. I have selected “Code your own” and Paste in code. When you’re done editing click Save and Exit and name the template, then click the Save button.


Edit your template as per your requirements or you can also completely replaced the basic template with your custom HTML code.


Now you will be redirected to the template listing page after clicking on Save and Exit button.


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