How to fix image upload issue in WordPress

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Are you facing the image upload issue when upload upload images from via media section in admin area, In today’s post i will explain how to fix image upload issue in WordPress.

Keep close attention in this article, sometime your images are not uploading via media section due to some permission error in your wp-contents => uploads folder.


Change Folder Permissions to Fix the Image Upload Issue

These instructions refer to FileZilla, a popular FTP client to access server files & folders, Now open FTP using Filezilla and navigate to the wp-contents=>uploads folder. Select uploads folder and click right mouse button and go to the file permissions option.


Now put in the Numeric value 744 and mark checked Recurse into subdirectories option, select the Apply to directories only radio button and click on Ok button.


Permission has been changed for all your directories and subdirectories, now you can upload images from WordPress admin area.

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