How to Fix WordPress Admin Visual Editor Errors

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In today’s post i will let you know how to fix WordPress admin visual editor errors. Few days back one of our user reported a very this error with their website. He told when i login to my admin dashboard and click to edit page or post, some of buttons are missing from visual editor and also visual editor is not working as expected.

So friend please keep close attention in this, i will explain how to fix white text and missing button issues in your visual editor.


How to fix visual editor issue

If you are facing this type of issues, below i have explained the right way to fix.

1) Clear the Browser Cache

I have researched on this issue and suggesting you to clear cache and cookies of your web browsers and then start working. If you this is working, then may be some issues with WordPress installation.

2) Replacing TinyMCE Scripts

Sometime some files are not updated during your WordPress updation process due to slow or broken internet connections. Now go to /wp-includes/js/tinymce/ folder and replace tinymce folder with fresh copy of wordpress.

3) Fix with wp-config file

Still you have this issue and above tricks have not worked for you? Go to root directory of your website and open wp-config.php page and copy paste below code before closing tags.

Most of time above tricks worked and fixed the visual editor issues. If you found another tricks that worked for you, then please don’t hesitate to share it below comments sections.

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