Getting started with Bootstrap

This post will explain an overview of Bootstrap (Front-end Framework), how to use and some bootstrap starter templates. Bootstrap is an open source & free front-end framework which is used to website designing and web application development. Bootstrap is Initially released 5 years ago on August 19, 2011.

It is free and open-source under MIT License (Apache License 2.0) by it’s author Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. It contains standard CSS based design templates. which includes buttons, forms, typography navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript plugins.


Download Bootstrap 3

Want to start with Bootstrap, download latest version (v3.3.7) and get started to design your website templates. Default template includes compiled & minified CSS, JS and glyphicons fonts.

Download Bootstrap V 3.3.7

Below is the minified CDN source CSS and JS Files.

Bootstrap Folder Structure

Below is the latest bootstrap folder structure.

Bootstrap starter templates

Below is the some example of bootstrap starter templates. download below templates and use to create your next website designs.

Sticky footer with navbar
Off-canvas Template
Admin Dashboard Template
Carousel Template
Blog Template
Bootstrap theme Template

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