How to add Banner Image On WooCommerce Category Page

In recent project my client ask to add a promotional or discount banner on every WooCommerce category landing page. I have find out a WordPress plugin to full fill the client requirement.

Today i think why not share this useful plugins with you. WooCommerce Category Banner is a best plugin, which will save your ton of time.

Category page where banner will be presented.

WooCommerce Category Banner

By using this plugin you can add a custom banner image with targeted link on the top of the product category pages. You can manage the banner images via product category edit page.

Category edit page, upload your image here.

There are lots of features in this plugins like you can add custom banner with link, supports an image for each category, custom product category positions using custom product category template and you don’t need the configurations, just install and activate to enable it’s features.

Installation & Configurations

Follow this tutorial to install this plugin. How to Install a WordPress Plugin

Step 1) After installation of this plugin click on Product => Categories from sidebar menu.
Step 2) Select individual category and click on edit option.
Step 3) Upload your banner image
Step 4) Add banner link into the “Banner Image Url” field and you have done!

After updating of category visit on category page from front-end webiste, you will see banner on the top of the category landing page. If you need more help, then visit this plugin support page.

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