How to add UPS WooCommerce Shipping Method in WordPress

Hi friends, today i am going to share very important article with you. Are you running online web store based on woocommerce in USA and Canada, If yes then keep close attention in this post as i am going to share very simple & easy step to add UPS woocommerce shipping method in your wordpress, woocommerce website.

UPS WooCommerce Shipping Method Plugin is the best option for you to add UPS shipping method. By using this plugin you can integrate UPS and live shipping rate calculation.

ups-woocommerce-shipping-method-plugin-wordpress-pluginsDownload UPS Shipping Method Plugin

This plugin has been developed by WooForce Team. They are also provide the Premium Version of this plugin with some extra features.

UPS Shipping Plugin Premium Version Features

In the Premium Version, you will get some extra features like Print shipping label with postage, Timely compatibility updates and bug fixes, Premium support, Box Packing and Weight Based Packing, Auto Shipment Tracking: It happens automatically while generating the label, Option to enable Daily Rates, which gives same rates as UPS calculator and Enable/disable, edit the names of services and add handling costs to shipping services.

Install UPS Shipping Plugin

Installation of this plugin is very easy follow How to Install a WordPress Plugin. article to install in WordPress website.

After installation go to Woocommerce setting page and click on shipping tab. On the shipping page you will see the UPS, put your UPS account details and click on save changes button.


After that visit your website and add any product and click on cart button to go the cart page. On the cart page you will see the Shipping method option, select shipping method as per your requirement and click on proceed to checkout button.


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