How To Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out

Are you running a WordPress website and facing keep logging out issues in admin panel. This is one of the most common issue, i this issue you are logging out from admin panel intermittently.

In today’s post i will share simple steps to fix WordPress keeps logging out issue, keep close attention on this post. Below is the easy and tested solutions for the wordpress session logging out issues.

Clear Browser Cookies

The session logging out issues may be happen due to browser cookies, so clear your browser cookies. If you are using google chrome, then click on setting and go to the Tool => Clear Browser data Or press ctrl + shift + Delete button. On the open screen select option as you want and clear the browser cookies.

Deactivating All Plugins

Select all plugin and select Deactivate option from Bulk action drop down. After that activate your plugin one by one and see the error messages.

Alternative Solution

Go to the root directory of your website and search wp-config.php, open wp-config.php file using an advanced text editor and add following code.

Some time WordPress fails to authenticate your current session due to website URL OR website address URL do not match.


Above are the solution to fix session logging out issues. If find other solution which works for you, so don’t hesitate to comment in below comment section. Thank you for giving your time on freewebmentor community. Please don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter or join us on Facebook to be the first to learn the next great thing from freewebmentor.

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