How to fix Outdated WooCommerce Templates

In today’s post i will explain how to update Outdated WooCommerce Templates in woocommerce based WordPress themes. If you have used woocommerce templates in your theme folder to override the plugin’s skelton design as per your theme’s requirement, then you need to create wordpress child theme.

If you are using old version of woocommerce files in your theme folder and you have updated your woocommerce plugin via wordpress admin, then you need to update the woocommerce files in your theme.

Step to Update Outdated Templates

Please keep close attention in this post, because i am going to share easy step to update your woocommerce file from theme folder.

Now go to the WooCommerce => System Status and scroll down to the end of this page where there you will see the list of outdated templates overridden by your child theme. For example, the template cart-shipping.php is outdated.

Take a backup of your current files and copy the template files from updated plugin folder & replace with outdated files. After updated new folder, make changes as you want. You can add some custom css changes according to your theme’s colour combinations.

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