How to add Front-end Editor in WordPress website

Hi friends, hope you are doing good. Today I am going to share a very useful plugin to enable front-end editor in your WordPress websites. Front-end Editor for WordPress plugin is a simple way to write with WordPress.

This plugin have lots of features such as Draft and edit posts, auto saves, publish options, so that you can saved after editing your contents. There are lots of features to design your contents like you can add contextual tools. Bold, italic, strike through, link, headings, lists and block quote and etc..


How to install Front-end Editor plugin in WordPress

Front-end Editor for WordPress is very simple to use like “plug and play”, It is easily configurable and extensible. Download this plugin from wordpress plugin directory and folow bellow article to install this plugin.

How to install WordPress plugin

How to Disable editor for certain posts

If you want o disable front-end editor for certain post, you can do that by adding below filter in functions.php file.

How to use for custom post type

You can also customize the features of this plugin. If you want to add front-end editor only for custom post types, Use below code in your functions.php file.

This plugin have 4.2 rating based on the 59 user’s reviews. If you need help to setup this plugin in your WordPress website, feel free to add your comments in below comment sections.

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